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Sexual Abuse is often perpetrated against children. It robs a children of innocence in ways that can only be understood when one has had that innocence stolen from then as the victim of childhood sexual abuse. Being sexually abused as child is for most who are abused this way in childhood something that carries with it a legacy, of one degree or another, throughout their lives.

The challenge for those who have been sexually abused in childhood is one of recovery and healing. Recovery and healing that, often to some degree, can be an on-going journey throughout one's life. The fact is that regardless of the amount of healing one does, the recovery that one achieves, the forgiveness and compassion that one can open to as the pain is grieved, lost innocence cannot be recaptured.

The legacy of childhood sexual abuse, among many other things, for many people, is a legacy of loss that in one way or another, from time to time, even after recovery, can still touch one's heart in a deep and profound, albeit not as lasting way. There are moments in life that bring us back to the legacy of loss that endures within each person who experienced childhood sexual abuse. For some the legacy of loss also includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder anxiety disorders and/or phobias.

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Ebooks & Audio Programs By A.J. Mahari

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    Ebooks & Audio Programs By A.J. Mahari