This is a new list for Big Beautiful Lesbians in Ontario. If you are a Lesbian of size of admire Lesbians of size and want to email, chat, socialize and just generally get to know each other please join this list.

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Amazon Alternatives In Healing

Amazon Alternatives In Healing is an Email Support List for Lesbian survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This is the main focus of this list. Members of this list are expected to post within the list rules. Discussion of Dissociative Identity Disorder may come up but alters are not to post to this list. This is a list for adult women and as such a certain level of personal responsibility and maturity is expected This list is not a list upon which "playing around" or "fooling around" is encouraged. It is for the serious discussion of issues and exploration of ways to continue to heal.

Sadly, as victims of child abuse we know what it is to lose parts of self, albeit not in the way that the Amazons sacrificed we have had our innocence sacrificed, and stolen, and we have sacrificed much in order to be able to cope with the battle that we must wage to heal

The name Amazon may have come from a word which means "without breast" in ancient greece: as Lesbian survivors of sexual abuse we have often stood alone, separated from the breast of those who were meant to protect us and were not expected to hurt us in the ways in which they did

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