DBT SKills Online Class For Borderlines

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DBT SKills Online (Peer-led) Class

This group is a peer-led online DBT SKILLS class for Borderlines only. We will be sending out the homework sheets of the founder of DBT, Dr. Marsha Linehan and providing guidance, support, and feedback for group members about their practice of the DBT skills in their own lives. This list is limited to the teaching and discussion of DBT Skills and does not permit any off-topic, social type posting.

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August 13, 2004 Co-dependence List - Issues of Codependency is a list for the discussion of codependency. This list welcomes discussion of the 12 steps but is not (soley) predicated upon the CoDA traditions or methods of "group" recovery. There is some cross-talk and general discussion as well as the more traditional "shares".

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PTSD-anxiety list. The focus has now been broadened out from a focus totally on PTSD to include anxiety as well. The experience of PTSD often includes anxiety and visa versa.

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DBT Skills For Borderlines

  • DBT Skills Discussion List Work Linehan's DBT skills to cope with BPD.

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